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Early Childhood

(Ages 0 - 4)


* Interactive Online Format! *

Program Description

The Music Pups® program is a fun introduction to music with an emphasis on singing, movement, & playing simple rhythm instruments.

Children will develop foundational music skills, including their sense of rhythm and the ability to sing in tune. Classes are also excellent for developing gross & fine motor skills, verbal communication skills, and social skills.


Parents will learn about the development of their child's musical potential and how to enrich their child's home music environment.


Each session features a new music collection. The Music Pups library includes 12 unique collections, so you can attend classes for a full 3 years before repeating any music!

Class Description

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering interactive online Music Pups classes through The Music Class At Home program. Classes are 30 minutes, once per week, and are offered several mornings each week.

This is a mommy-and-me style class, so expect to participate in this fun-filled bonding experience with your child! (Daddies and other caregivers are also welcome!)


Our interactive online sessions (10 weeks) are $135. Siblings are free!

We can accept late registrations in any class that still has space available. Program fees will be prorated for families registering after a session has begun.


We are currently assessing demand for our fall session. Please contact us if you're interested in online classes!

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The Music Class

The Music Class

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The Music Class® is an international music education company based in Atlanta, GA. We are proud to offer their early childhood Music Pups® program at The Music Zoo!

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