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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend piano class with my child?

If your child is younger (4 or 5), then we recommend staying nearby during class. This might mean sitting off at the back of the room or it might mean waiting out in the foyer. We do not expect parent participation in our piano program.

If your child is older (6+), you're welcome to drop your child off for piano classes. We cannot supervise children outside of class time though, so please ensure you return promptly to pick up your child.

Do I need a piano at home?


Yes and no. You will need a decent quality instrument for your child to practice on at home. Without practice, there will be no progress. And without progress, your child will become discouraged and quit.

The ideal situation is to have a good acoustic piano at home. Digital instruments have improved significantly over the past few decades, but they simply don't provide the same quality of experience as working on a real piano. Fortunately, a savvy shopper can find a decent used acoustic piano for a reasonable price. Ask us -- we can help you get started!

If an acoustic piano is not currently feasible, the next best option is a digital piano. We recommend Yamaha and Roland brands. Minimum requirements for a digital piano are:

- full size (88 keys)

- weighted keys (preferably Graded Hammer or Hammer Response)

- touch sensitive (meaning the volume varies depending on how hard you depress keys)

- one pedal, or at least a pedal jack

Anything less than this will limit your child's ability to learn.

Do I need to practice piano at home with my child?


Yes. Practicing an instrument effectively is a skill that needs to be learned. This cannot happen without parental involvement. Don't worry though, the daily time commitment is not large and we will help you learn how to approach practicing as quality one-on-one "play" time with your child!

Do you teach voice? Or guitar? Or any instrument besides piano?

​No, we do not. We do a lot of singing in all of our programs, but our goal with singing is to introduce children to a variety of tonalities and to help them learn to sing in tune. We do not teach vocal technique. Nor do we provide formal instruction in any instrument other than piano. That being said, having a solid background in music and piano fundamentals is highly beneficial to learning any other instrument!

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