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The Music Zoo started out as the Pearcy Studio back in the 1970s. For years and years and years, Ms Joanne taught private piano lessons based on the Suzuki and Conservatory methods out of her Grande Prairie area home.


Then, in 1998, Ms Joanne discovered the Music for Young Children group-based piano program and her studio was revolutionized! With the further addition of the Music Pups early childhood program and also harp(!) lessons, Ms Joanne finally outgrew her home studio and had to move into a commercial location.


And thus, in 2007, Music FUNdamentals opened it's doors to music-loving Grande Prairie area families.


In 2011, a unique opportunity presented itself to Ms Joanne when a former piano / harp student returned to Grande Prairie, looking for work, with a newly completed Bachelor of Music degree in hand. She didn't find a job. She found a business. And Ms Joanne finally got to retire after more than 30 years of teaching music!


And so time passed and Ms Joanne found herself relocating to Edmonton to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Ms Shannon, her daughter, deciding it was time to "retire" from her career as a stay-at-home mom, then recruited Ms Joanne to help open yet another music studio -- The Music Zoo! Now this mother-daughter team will bring a wealth of music and teaching experience to a new west Edmonton location!

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