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Piano Classes

(Ages 4 - 7)

Program Description

Music Moves for Piano (MM4P) is a 21st century piano method. It combines the best elements from traditional music education (Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, Suzuki) with modern research into both music education (Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory) and early childhood development.

MM4P is an
audiation-based approach to learning piano. This means our approach is based on the way children acquire language skills:


  1. listen

  2. think (audiate) & acquire vocabulary (rhythm & tonal patterns)

  3. speak (sing or play music)

  4. read

  5. write

The focus with MM4P is on developing musical comprehension and the ability to play with both fluency and good technique. For optimal learning, reading music notation is delayed until students are developmentally ready for it.

MM4P classes are fun, engaging, active, and creative! Students will learn to:


  • sing in tune, move musically, and play by ear;


  • understand music in the context of meter and tonality;


  • build an extensive "vocabulary" of rhythm & tonal patterns;


  • play with good technique & freedom from muscular tension;


  • transpose, harmonize, improvise, arrange, & compose music;


  • perform solo or in groups with comfort and musical fluency;


  • become independent music thinkers;


  • and, when ready, learn to read and write musical notation.

Overall, the program provides a solid foundation in music that will set your child up for success in any future musical endeavor!

Class Description

Due to the current pandemic conditions, we are offering private lessons only for our fall session.

Lessons are 30 minutes long, once per week, and the fall session will run for 10 weeks beginning on September 24th. We are hoping to offer in-person lessons, but it may be necessary to flip back-and-forth between in-person & online depending on circumstances.

Tuition & Fees


Tuition:  $333


Books & Materials:  Included


If you're interested in registering, please drop us a quick message including your child's age and which days/times they're available. We have limited spots remaining.

Contact Us!

"Music Moves for Piano brilliantly applies the profound Music Learning Theory of Dr. Edwin E. Gordon, creating a new approach to piano study that ensures joyfulness, musicality, and an authentic connection to music making. This approach avoids many of the significant pitfalls of standard instruction.
MM4P focuses on developing the entire musician -- the student's ability to sing, to move gracefully, to audiate musical substance with understanding, to make a palpable physical connection to music. And it does this in conjunction with a wise, systematic presentation of purely pianistic skills: keyboard knowledge, technique and body awareness, notation, and, initially, attractive folk literature.
The series of books represents a monumental and inspired contribution to piano pedagogy, which will surely become the benchmark by which other methods, before and after, will be measured."
Seymour Fink
Professor Emeritus Binghampton University
Author of "Mastering Piano Technique"
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