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Piano Program

(Ages 4 - 9)

Program Description

Music for Young Children® (MYC) is a comprehensive keyboard-based program that includes extensive hands-on piano time as well as supplementary training in:


  • music theory,

  • sight reading,

  • ear training,

  • singing & solfege,

  • rhythm ensemble,

  • harmonization,

  • composition, and

  • music history.


The MYC program lasts 3 - 5 years and has several different entry points, depending on the age of the child:

Sunshine 1 (Ages 4-5)

Sunbeams 1 (Ages 6-7)

Moonbeams 1 (Ages 8-9)

Upon completion of the program, children are ready to take their Grade 1 Piano & Theory exams through the Royal Conservatory of Music (if desired). They are also well prepared to transition into private piano lessons at an early intermediate level or to begin study of another instrument.

Class Description

Classes are 1 hour long, once per week, and the program runs for 34 weeks (September to May). There will also be a mid-winter recital and a year-end recital.

MYC classes are taught in small groups, providing a fun learning environment where children learn together through songs, games, various props, and practical keyboard experience.

An adult caregiver actively participates in the program with each child, co-learning the material in class and helping the child at home with their daily practice sessions.

Tuition & Fees


Tuition:  $900 ($25 Per Hour)


Books & Materials:  Cost Varies With Program & Level

Registration Fee:  $50


We are currently full for the 2019-2020 school year, but you're welcome to add yourself to our waiting list. Spots do occasionally open up at the last minute!

Join the Waiting List!

"The Music for Young Children program has to be counted as the dominant force in the musical training of young children in Canada today. Many of the new students arriving each year at my studio are graduates of Music for Young Children. They arrive superbly prepared and well motivated for further study. MYC teachers have found the right balance. They successfully blend the pleasure and joy of music making with the rigour of a well-crafted pedagogical progression."
Marc Widner
Chief Examiner emeritus
Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations
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