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Parking Policy

The Music Zoo is located at 5115 – 187 Street NW. You may double park in that driveway or, if the space is available, you may also park directly in front of the house.


There is no parking anywhere else in the cul-de-sac. Extra vehicles should park on 52 Ave. Watch out for the bus stops, mailboxes, and fire hydrants!


Please be advised that The Music Zoo is required to strictly enforce this parking policy in order to maintain good relations with our neighbors and the City of Edmonton. We reserve the right to terminate classes, without refund, for any family if we receive complaints over where they park their vehicle.

Studio Etiquette

• We recommend arriving approximately 5 minutes before class. There is a 15 minute window between classes, so arriving too early can cause parking snarl-ups.

• Please enter through the garage. There is no need to knock or ring the doorbell prior to entering. The studio is in the basement, so we probably won't hear you anyway!

• Footwear can be left on the boot racks in the garage. There are hooks in the studio for coats and other personal belongings.

• Pianos are instruments, not tables. Please do not place personal belongings on top of our pianos. You break it, you buy it! Or pay to repair it, at least.

• No gum, food, or drinks in the studio. Sorry parents, not even coffee! (Note: Breastfeeding, bottles, and sippy cups with water are fine, if needed, for very young children.)

• If your child absolutely needs to eat at The Music Zoo, they may use the kitchen table provided they clean up after themselves and are not causing any problems upstairs. There are garbage and recycling bins available under the kitchen sink.

The front room, office, and laundry room on the main floor are off-limits. The entire second floor is off-limits.

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